Proscaline Microdose (Mescaline Analogue)


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Proscaline is a psychoactive compound of the phenethylamine class. This synthetic drug is closely related to more popular mescaline and causes similar effects.


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Effects Of Proscaline Microdose (Mescaline Analogue)

Proscaline Microdose (Mescaline Analogue) or Proscaline Microdosing Kit could help to reduce anxiety, depression, stress and addiction, anxiety, and trauma. Proscaline also help improve the flowchart, libido, creative and compassion. In addition, it also improves empathy, empathy and social interactions. It also boosts confidence and self-esteem.

200mg Proscaline
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What is Proscaline Microdose (Mescaline Analogue)


Proscaline is one of the psychoactive compounds belonging to the phenethylamine family. This synthetic drug is with mescaline and has similar effects. Furthermore, it can also help with depression, PTSD, stress, anxiety, addiction, and trauma healing. They can also improve flowchart, libido, creativity, and compassion




Keep the bottle in a cool, dark place and away from the danger of children and pets.
4ACO-DMT, 1P LSD and Proscaline are extremely potent chemicals, even in smaller doses.

Also store the bottle in a secure, locked container which is not accessible by children or pets. The kit includes a measuring cup, 200 milligrams of Proscaline, mixed with 100ml of distillated water.

A standard microdose of this drug can range from 2 to 4 grams or between 8 and 4 grams. Next, it is recommended to shake the bottle before using the contents.

Note: Deadhead Chemist makes no claims regarding the ability of this product to treat mental health or other medical conditions and is being sold for research purposes only. It is not marketed for use in veterinary medicine or simple human consumption.

Known chemically as 3,5-dimethoxy-4-propyloxyphenethylamine, is a type of phenethylamine with a phenyl ring linked by an ethyl chain to an amino-NH2 group.

Proscalin comprises two functional groups, CH3O- (a functional group attracted to the R3 and R5 carbon atoms) and an additional propyl oxy group on the R4 carbon on the phenyl ring.

Also, Proscalin is the 4-propyl oxy analog version of mescaline, so it has one more carbon atom in its alkyloxy group than escalating, which is another similar chemical related to the mescaline analog


Important Of Proscaline Microdose


Deadhead Chemist does not make any claims about the capability for this item to cure mental health or medical conditions. 

The psychotropic effects of DMT were first studied scientifically by the Hungarian chemist and psychologist Stephen Szára, who performed research with volunteers in the mid-1950s. Furthermore, Szára, working for United States National Institutes of Health,  turned his attention to DMT after his order for LSD from the Swiss company Sandoz Laboratories was rejected on the grounds that the powerful psychotropic could be dangerous in the hands of a communist country.


How often should I take Proscalin?

 To microdose with Proscaline, take 2-4mg every three days as recommended. Finally, Microdosing more frequently is not a good idea because it would come back


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