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Pink Kush is a highly potent hybrid strain that combines sweet skunk and fuel aromas into a pungent fragrance that is not at all easy to hide. The Pink Kush Indica strain may not destroy planets but it has a quite powerful buzz. Effects of this strain might be slow to show but, but as soon as they do, the Death Star takes away all the worries and concerns and replaces them with happiness, relaxation and euphoria. It is ideal for day time as well as night time use.

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Pink Kush Indica (AAAA) – Cannabis, Indica, Flowers

Pink Kush is an Indica with strong body-focused effects. In Pink Kush’s unique variations, the green buds have pink hair that is barely visible under a blanket of sugar-like trichomes, along with the traces of sweet vanilla and candy perfume. Being high in potency, small doses of this strain can eliminate pain, appetite loss and insomnia.



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