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Juicy Fruit is a fruity aroma, with a slight lemon tinge, seems get exponentially stronger once it is grinded up. This strain makes you very social; great for medicating with before going out. The smooth, sweet tasting smoke is sure to create a time-warp — so prepare to be slowed down, on “high-time.” Definitely considered a potent sativa that will keep you medicated for 2-3 hours with absolutely no crash.

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Juicy Fruit is a hybrid that gives fruity aroma, with a slight tinge of lemon that gets stronger when it is ground. This hybridized strain enhances your social ability. It is great for medicating before going out for any gathering or meetups. The smooth and sweet-tasting smoke creates a time-warp, so you better slow down on a high-time. It is a famously known potent Sativa that keeps you medicated for at least 2-3 hours with absolutely no slam.

Juicy Fruit hybrid is known to bring joy and enlightenment to all those who medicate with it! What are you waiting for? Be one and enjoy the joy! This strain is extremely rare and has consistently been one of our favourites. This one strain is the fruitiest strain among all. You definitely need to stock it up if you have an option.


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