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Are you ready to experience a highly potent yet a tasteful strain? Prepare yourself because the Death Cookies have a strong aroma that is similar to cookies but with the addition of a little earthy diesel in it. No other strain can beat the aroma and health benefits of the Death Cookies Strain. If you have not tried this till now, do not miss a chance. Indulge yourself and get baked with this rare and unique strain.

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Death Cookie Effects 

The Death Cookies strain by Bubba Kings is a high potent Indica strain. This leaves the users unable to move from the couch due to its high potency. Users have reported that they feel a great body high that makes them feel fully calm and relaxed regardless of what is going on in their surroundings. Death Cookies can be munching snack to snack on while sitting on your couch. It is ideally usable in the nighttime so that if you stick to the couch it does not hinder your day to day activities.

Death Cookie Medical Effects

Death Cookies strain is a heavy-hitting Indica and the users have reported that it suits best to treat numerous body ailments including chronic pain, muscle cramps and spasms and stress.


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